Two Zero One Five – a year of portraits

This was an incredible year and one that I never thought would have been as good as it was.  Having only just arrived in Sydney in November 2014, I was prepared for hard work and pimping myself out to get my name out there and for people to trust me!  I didn’t take me long and by the end of the year I was struggling to keep up with everything (careful what you wish for, eh?)  It was a crazy year with so many newborns and families, not to mention weddings but that is for another blog if I ever get round to that.  I am still trying to finish off the wedding and sessions I shot just before Christmas last year, and with the younglings on holiday it is proving harder than I thought!  But I will get there and I am planning some pretty amazing things for 2016, as soon as the schools go back I am throwing myself into it all again!

I want to thank everyone who came to see me and not only you but everyone who has supported my decision to move to Sydney and everyone who has even given me a “like” on an image or post.  I cannot express my sincere gratitude for everything you have done.

It has been an incredible year personally, travelling to Adelaide, Brisbane, back to Scotland, and all around NSW (and a visit to Canberra).  2016 has a lot to live up to and to be honest I am nervous it won’t be as good haha!  Any way enough of the chit chat…here is my selection of this year in no order or clever layout, just how I grabbed my favourites and added them in! Hope you enjoy it as much as I did! <3


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