The birth of Zachary

It was at 4.30am that I finally got the message from Johann to say that labour was in full swing and to probably make my way to the hospital.  I arrived at 5am and poor Lukshmi was in terrible pain.  Gas and air wasn’t really doing much and the baby was lying back to back which was making it even worse.  Diamorphine was given but didn’t really help with the pain, only making Lukshmi more out of it and possibly slowing down the labour.  By 8.30am they decided to go for the epidural and I left the room as this was done.  I came back at 9am and Lukshmi was at peace.  Finally getting some rest. They decided to check at 11am to see how much Lukshmi was dilated.  But there was no need to check, the baby was on it’s way.  The midwives had to wake Lukshmi, who was incredibly drowsy and exhausted.  By 11.35am and a couple of pushed Zachary was born.  I had tears steaming down my face and struggled to control my emotion for them all.  It was amazing to witness and an utter privilege to be invited into such an intimate moment in their life. I met them both again today in my studio and was so great to talk about it all again.  Thank you so much Lukshmi (and Johann) for having me there and letting me document this incredible and precious moment in your life.  You have me as a friend forever! xxx

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