the birth of baby murray 11th January 2013

This is a dream come true for me.  As part of my goals for 2013 I wanted to photograph a birth, in fact I have wanted to do it for a few years now.  My sister has never been game enough for me to be at one her children’s so I have had to look somewhere else.

One day last week I put a mention out on Facebook that I was hoping to do this.  The attention was incredible.  But I really didn’t know if I was going to be able to do it.  Then Friday 11th at 1pm Scott called me.  He told me he was at the Crosshouse hospital in Kilmarnock and Julie was being induced with her fourth child, could I be there to photograph the birth.  A lot of factors had come into it…would my husband be home before the labour had really kicked in, would the hospital let me do it, would I be able to make it from Glasgow in time before the baby arrived.  As luck was well and truly on my side it all went to plan.  I got a call just after 6pm to say the contractions had started and that I should probably head down.  I got there for 7pm, Julie had just been taken to the labour suite.  I was nervous and excited.  We hadn’t even met so for them to let a complete stranger involved in such an intimate moment was such a privilege, I felt honoured.

Julie’s dream was a water birth and as luck had it again, she was first to get into the room!  By 8pm Julie was in full on labour.  She got into the pool and Scott and I watched as Julie went into a zone and with only gas and air she took every contraction with such dignity and control.  I was in awe.  Having only experienced c-section births it was for me living the experience without the pain.  Julie was indeed becoming muy hero.  By 8.40pm her waters broke and she started to feel the baby was coming.  What I witnessed makes me feel emotional just writing it.  It was amazing.  I watched as Julie gave birth to baby Murray with such ease.  She was so controlled, it was incredible.  I was there till about 10pm photographing all the details and watching Scott & Julie comfort and love wee Murray in is first hour.

I also have put a wee slideshow together which can be viewed here

I hope this is a start of something new…already I have been asked if it could be possible to attend a few more.  So fingers crossed there will be more to come.  Until then, here is the birth of wee Murray.  Thank you Julie & Scott for being so wonderful and letting me be there for the birth.  I am so honoured and you have me as a friend for life I am afraid!!!   xxx

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