Sally & Allan’s Big Day!

Finally after having 5 children together Sally (my youngest sister) and Allan tied the knot.  I was honoured and privileged to a bridesmaid and to photograph their day. In all honesty it was the most stressful wedding I have worked at.  Not only was I the photographer desperate not to miss anything, but also the bridesmaid where my duties to help getting ready and assist with the 5 children was difficult.  However we couldn’t have had a better day!  The sun was shining and it was HOT!  By the time we left the house for the church the sweat was dripping off us!  Not as glamorous as was all had anticipated!  It has to be said it was one of the best weddings.  Sally went to so much effort to do as much of it herself.  Even making a brooch bouquet!  Their children were the best behaved and the speeches were the funniest I have ever heard.  So funny that at one point I was crumpled in a heap laughing unable to pick up the camera…the joke was about my/our family, those of you there will no doubt remember it.  ;-)!!!  It was perfect…well almost.  I was just rounding everyone up for group shots outside and the zip on my dress burst!  I was then helped along by all of Sally’s friends with kilt pins and scarves to keep it on me!  In the end I was stitched into it.  Thankfully by that point I had a few glasses of wine and couldn’t have cared less!!!  Enjoy the photos…I know a lot of you have been asking to see them.  I am glad I have finally finished them…love you Sally & Allan you are an awesome couple and I wish you the world of happiness with your ever growing family!  I had better sign off now as I have a few wee tears in my eyes!!! xxx


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