Project 365 – September 5th – September 10th

This week has been a much better one.  I write this on Sunday 11th September. I still remember 10 years ago today like it was yesterday.  Getting the phone call to turn on the tv, and watching as the 2nd plane hit the towers.  It was disbelief.  Shock.  Confusion.  What was happening?  I still can’t watch it on TV without choking back tears.
I am looking out the window to another wet and windy day.  I spend most of my days whinging about the weather and how much I miss my friends.  But I can make myself happy, I can pick-up the phone talk to my friends in Sydney.  Go see my family, and most importantly spend time with my children.  Some people can never do this with the people they lost on Sept 11th.  
We all get too caught up in moaning about what we don’t have in life; money, a good job, a nice house, nothing nice to wear, too fat, too old, too tired.  But really we have it all compared to some.  This week I have had to remember this.  I am very lucky.  I have had 5 awesome years of travelling, adventure and of course bringing Oscar and Daisy into this world.  I am going to love my time being back in Scotland.  Embrace the weather, make the most of the time we have here before we pack our bags and go back.  
This week, I must say Daisy has been much better.  Maybe we are turning a corner?  Who knows, but it was a lot better than we have had in weeks.  I have been trying to get my room ready for portraits.  Practising with Oscar and Daisy.  Using chairs, props, and the natural light.  They are the worst models at times.  But sometimes I get lucky.  They stay still for a fraction of a second and I get a lovely image.  Other times they muck about and think it is one big joke, and why not.  It is meant to be fun!!!  x

Monday 5th bedtime story with Daddy
Tuesday 6th off to school with a very funny face!
Wednesday 7th trying to get a nice shot, promises of food and lollies didn’t work…
Thursday 8th and I managed to get one of my favourite pictures ever of Oscar.  This one is going in a frame.
Friday 9th and it is Daisy’s turn.  I get lucky again…before she ran off and started mucking about!

Saturday 10th and we went to Glasgow for the day.  I miss glasgow.  I think we might move up there.  I miss coffee shops and tasty places to go out and eat.  Museums and the bustle of it.  This is the first time I ever saw a red mushroom, and thought it matched Daisy’s shoes.  But she didn’t want to stand next to them for a photo…

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