Project 365 – September 26th – October 1st 2011

I am really surprised that I have kept this project up.  It is now October and I thought if I managed it for a month then I would have been happy.  But it is now part of my daily routine.  So it has become easy.  I actually don’t want it to stop.  So if I complete this year I would love to do it next year.  But lets get the next 3 months over first!
This week has been good.  Daisy seems to be growing up and more manageable.  She is still mental.  But instead of throwing herself down in a fit when I say no or tell off, instead, she says…sorry.  First time I nearly fell over.  But it has happened more than once.  It’s wonderful to hear!  Oscar as always has been pretty chilled out.  He plays so well with Daisy.  Bossing her about!  She just follows his lead.  I love watching them…I am feeling more settled into life here.  It isn’t so sad any more that I am not in Australia.  Though I still miss my friends more than anything…x

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