Project 365 – September 20th – September 25th 2011

Seriously where do the days ago?  Another week has passed and I can’t believe we have been away from Sydney for over 3 months,  lived in this house 2 months, and now it is 13 weeks till Christmas.  Which to me isn’t such a big deal, just means another year is over.  It will be the first cold Christmas with the kiddies and our first since 2005!  Long time, I don’t even have a winter coat…just stocking up now on warm clothes for Oscar & Daisy.  Daisy who HATES socks, tights and at the moment sleeves…that will soon change.
Daisy this week has been awful with her tantrums.  I give up at times trying to keep the peace, there are times where I feel I have to put my foot down and say no.  Oh boy does she hate that…but if I let her have her own way, she will get worse.  I can’t say no to Oscar and let her do it.  That is also wrong…wow being a parent is hard and they aren’t even teenagers!!! 
The week past…
Tuesday 20th – weirdly after last weeks photo of getting her teeth brushed, she has improved.  Overnight…it isn’t a fight any more.  This is her after the brushing, so she still thinks she is in control!
 Wednesday 21st – my friend Yla came over with her wee baby Magnus and this was Daisy all excited before they arrived.  We like visitors!
Thursday 22nd – a this day was hellish.  Daisy my darling, you were at your finest in the tantrum stakes.  This is after 20 mins of rolling around on the path to feed the ducks.  I was too worn out to take a photo of her after the walk.  Covered in mud…she had to be stripped to get into the car.  Oh my Craisy – you were totally craisy today! x

Friday 23rd – Daddy buys Oscar a chocolate lolly…a rare treat!
Saturday 24th – we had more visitors today Daisy stripped to use the potty.  Will copy anyone!
Sunday 25th – nudie bot bot!!!  The race up to the bath.  Love it x

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