Project 365 – September 11th – September 19th 2011

Things are definitely picking up (thank goodness) and we are a much happier home.  I think I am settling into things more, I have been really busy and of course that helps.  But the weather may be awful, it hasn’t made me depressed.  I guess the trick is that as soon as the sunshines, grab the coats, put on your boots and get outside.  Oscar and Daisy have also settled really well into their nursery and are happy to go in and very happy when I pick them up.  No more tears and hanging on to me…doesn’t take long to settle into a new life really.  I think that once I accepted this was it for however long, but we can go back when we want, then things didn’t seem so bad.  I was so sad and I still am when I think of my friendships I have left behind in OZ.  I am not sure they can ever be replaced.  But I know the gap will be filled and I will no longer feel so blue about it.  Thank god for Facebook chat, Skype and free calls to OZ, I don’t feel so far away.  Oscar asked me this morning if we were staying in this new house.  I said yes, he said “good, I like it and my new friends, please can we stay in Scotland”.  I said “yes”, he said…”thank you mummy”.  He breaks my heart daily…I love you buddy! 
Any way…the week just past…x

Sunday 11th – this is what Daisy looks like after brushing her teeth!

Monday 12th – Oscar got a pencil for being good at nursery for always helping to tidy up
Tuesday 13th – the fussy eater opted for a plate of peas followed by a bowl of plain rice…whatever make you happy Daisy! x

Wed 14th – not happy with me photographing the babies, Oscar asked for me to take his photo…
Thursday 15th – Dean Park, again, the animals will know our names soon!!!

Friday 16th – Upsy Daisy with Iggle Piggle
Saturday 17th – very creative, stickers instead of shoes!

 Sunday 18th – Calderglen Park, just gorgeous

Monday 19th – my gorgeous boy

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