Project 365 – October 2nd – October 8th

This has been a good week.  Now, I will make the biggest mistake in saying this here, but Craisy seems to be no longer.  She seems to have really turned a corner.  No longer is everything a battle.  Of course it isn’t all easy, that would be too perfect.  But the tantrums and the frustrations seem to be going.  I can reason with her, she understands now if she does something good or bad, that there will be a reward or trouble!  We seem to have a bond that I must admit, was a struggle to feel before.  I don’t feel so bad in saying this.  She is an awesome, independent, smart little lady, but she has made it very hard to be friends at times.  But now she is much more affectionate, tells me she loves me and even gets dressed with no fuss.  She of course likes to be in charge, and so I let her think she is.  But she does little things that always make me proud of her.  Like separating all the colours of lego and building towers of all yellow ones…and shouting at Oscar if he touches the yellow!!!  Funny…
Oscar is a typical boy.  Loves shooting or ‘squirting” which he calls it.  He would use anything as a gun, so we bought him one.  Best pressie for him.  I don’t like it when he asks me to kill him…so we need to work on the wording for certain things.  
All in all a good, busy week.  Let’s hope that Daisy doesn’t prove me wrong and turn nasty again!  She is going to be two in a few weeks, maybe this is her turning point.  

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