Project 365 – Oct 25th – Oct 31st

Right I am not going to discuss the weather.  It seems my blog is turning into the Scottish weather report. Instead it was a big week for us as my wee Craisy turned two.  I wasn’t too sure if she understood, but after enough talk from Oscar about it, she soon understood!  With Halloween being celebrated here also this week it has been fun.  Australia doesn’t really do halloween.  So we did have fun with it all.  Carving pumpkins, lots of sweeties for the trick or treater’s (to be honest I stopped anyone who felt they had to tell me a rubbish joke or poem and told them to take as many sweets as they liked).  It was cold and no-one wants to stand and listen to kids telling jokes when there is a wee glass of wine to be had!!! Oscar got his mummy outfit with a mask that didn’t even fit me – it was huge.  Daisy was a pumpkin princess.  There was a wee party at nursery for them on the Friday and then finishing off the week with Daisy turning two.  A wee bike and a kitchen has proved to be a success…the toy kitchen seemed to be harder t put together than a real Ikea one, but we got there in then end!  Happy days…and ok I know you want to know, the weather has been mostly wet with a few sunny dry days which is always an added bonus!  x

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