Project 365 – November 8th – November 13th

I write this after just breaking up a fight between Oscar and Daisy.  This time Oscar was the instigator and as I came out of my office (also on the phone, and not to a friend) I caught him pushing Daisy to the floor and trying to put a bag over her head!  I am trying my best to give him into trouble whilst still having a conversation.  Impossible.  He started going mad, didn’t want to say sorry.  So he got a black flag on his reward chart.  Leaving me to return to my office and shut the door on the screaming in the background.  I try so hard to do little in the day work wise as I don’t want Oscar and Daisy to feel neglected.  But it is hard when I have emails, phone calls and of course I want to blog. 
It has been another good week.  Lots of fun stuff has been done.  Daisy has managed to stay dry all week.  Even at daycare.  So I am really proud of her.  She even sleeps in the day without a nappy.  Oscar is good, his hair is driving me mad though.  It goes it on way and I don’t want to have to style it every day.  So think he might be better off with a short one again.  It’s straight and strong and doesn’t sit in any style unless I use a whole tub of wax!!!  
Any way, another busy week ahead and I am even enrolling them in dance classes this week.  I am also trying to encourage John to get an electric drum kit so he can teach them how to play.  Daisy seems to have a natural rhythm and is often drumming with her hands or sticks.  Maybe she will be very cool rock chick…and Oscar a ballet dancer.  He had his t-shirt around his waist today and told me he was a ballerina (I think he was pretending it was a tutu).  Oh how they make me laugh…x

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