Project 365 – November 28th – December 5th

Hey all, this is running up to the end of this project and sadly part of me is relieved.  I am getting really busy now and the project seems to becoming more of a chore.  Need a new 2012 project.  So I am going to make this quick tonight.  It has now turned to what Oscar has been expecting all this time since he found out we were moving to Scotland…it has snowed!!!  His wee face when he saw it falling at night and the excitement when he got up the next day was adorable.  Something quite magical about watching your kids see things for the first time.  He had the same look when I switched the lights on the Christmas tree.  I have never really been into Christmas, probably because Australia doesn’t really do it the way we do.  I love it.  Christmas is all for the children and Santa coming to bring presents for good girls and boys is a beautiful threat!

Any way, as you would expect the snow has gone, the rain has arrived and the place is slushy.  But I will keep my fingers crossed for a white Christmas.  Only 19 more sleeps people…x

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