Project 365 – November 1st – November 7th

I must admit the weather this past week has been lovely.  Crisp, frosty, sunny days.  The first time I have seen frost in over 5 years!  OK, here I go straight into discussing the weather – but all of you sweating it out in Australia must be feeling smug!!!  I know everyone loves to discuss it!  
Everything has been good, had fun days and life seems to be settling down.  Daisy’s last four teeth are making an entrance and this has caused a few more tantrums and tears.  But she is nowhere near as bad as she once was.  Oscar has a pirate reward chart, gets treasure or stars for staying in bed, getting dressed, eating all his food and listening to me…or heaven forbid a black flag for not doing anything on his chart.  He was so good last week, so the deal is that he gets a toy on a Sunday if he has been good.  He got walkie talkies.  Never thought how hard it would be to explain to both of them that you have to press the button to speak and let go to listen.  Pretty funny though, they don’t care if they can’t hear anyone.  It’s the idea that is more fun.  
Just checked the weather for the week ahead…rain and clouds.  Oh well the sun was nice while it lasted!!! x

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