Project 365 – November 14th – November 27th

Hello again!  I have been really busy the past few weeks and the 365 project has taken a bit of a shunt to the side.  I guess it is good, that I have a lot of work on and pressure to have it all done before Christmas.  But it is so hard to do it around a two and a three year old that demands your attention 80% of the day!  I now have to get the computer on and start at 7.30am and finish around 10.30/11pm at night.  In between working I have to entertain and bring up my children and ensure I don’t neglect them or make them bored!  It is hard getting the balance right and I as I write this I am cuddling Oscar on my lap and Daisy is calling me to come upstairs.  I can’t type fast enough…

The past two weeks have been great.  I am settling in a lot more and we have made a few decisions about where we want to be for the next year.  Just trying to get it all sorted now, add some more stress to our lives, yay!!!  I feel slack with the project.  I must be honest and say I have missed more days in the past two weeks than I have over the past 11 months.  I am annoyed that it has happend but I should be happy that it is only because I have got more work on.  Must not complain!!!  Any hoo, Oscar and Daisy are feeling the build up for Christmas I don’t want to mention Santa too soon.  Otherwise it will feel like it is never going to come.  But tomorrow is the first of December which means chocolate is ok for breakfast for the next 25 days.  Hubby is also taking Oscar and Daisy to see their Nonna & Nonno and the family tomorrow for the weekend.  Oscar is super excited and Daisy just goes along.  I am also excited I have my best friend coming up to stay and we are going to have so much fun!!!

Have a great weekend everyone – I know I will.  I will miss my darlings, but this is the first time in over 3 years that I have time all to myself…x

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