Project 365 – May 7th 2011

May 7th.  My very clever and beautiful friend Emma was holding a naming ceremony for her baby Grace today.  It was incredible.  Emma is a fantastic designer and has her own company called Very Inviting.  They do stationary and styling for parties, weddings etc.  I highly recommend her if you are looking to hold a very beautiful event.  This party was incredible.  The attention to detail was breath taking and the venue was fabulous.  I have many photos of the party.  I just have to find the time to sort, edit and do Emma justice for what she had done for her guests!  But any way – this is Daisy in one of the cutest little tents for the wee one’s to entertain themselves in.  Emma had put in pencils and notebooks and it was a success with all the kids. Watch this space for the blog on the party!  x
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