Project 365 – May 6th 2011

May 6th.  Today was my birthday!  It was a lovely day.  The sun was shining, it was a beautiful day to turn another year older.  I had no plans at first but thanks to my two fabulous friends an impromptu trip to the zoo was had.  There were no tears or tantrums, apart from Daisy falling head first into a step and giving herself an enormous bump between her eyes!!!  This photo is of Roy, Oscar, Daisy, Millie and Ella.  Ollie and Georgie were in the pram.  

This is a bitter sweet photo for me.  We are moving back to the UK, Scotland, for how long is anyone’s guess.  After much deliberation, arguing, tears and at times tantrum’s, I was persuaded to do it!  I know it will be great (take the weather out of the picture), I have the opportunity to work with some wonderful friends and fabulous photographers, be close to family and basically be “home” again.  I will however, miss my friends, some I am very, very close to and they have been my family here.  I will stop writing now, as I can feel the tears welling at the thought of saying good-bye.  But this birthday was my last in Sydney, and this photo will be one of the last with the friends all having a laugh together…x x x 

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