Project 365 – May 23rd 2011

May 23rd.  Monday.  It is hard each day, I feel so sad these days about leaving Sydney.  I am so busy trying to get things organised for going and on top of that I have a fair bit of work to keep me going.  I feel sorry for Oscar and Daisy right now.  Most mornings these days are spent in while I am busy making phone calls or on the computer.  To be honest though they are so good.  Daisy is brilliant at playing by herself.  She has her dollies that she plays with for hours.  Changing their nappies, feeding, walking, dancing, and singing with them.  Not forgetting putting them all on the floor and covering them with blankets for a sleep.  Daisy is now fully aware how busy a Mummy is.  She has even started getting the hoover out the cupboard and a cloth for cleaning.  It’s awesome.  Here is wee D running out the door, busy, with her long trousers falling off her.  It made me laugh! x

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