Project 365 – March 30th 2011

March 30th.  Well my third month is almost complete with my photo a day project.  I am loving it more and more and it is not an effort any more to remember, edit and blog it.  It has become part of my daily routine.  

Today we all woke with the bin truck passing by at 5.15am.  Daisy cried out first, then Oscar came in at 6am, Daisy was in with us already.  I had a newborn shoot this morning and they were the best behaved.  I was so proud.  Didn’t touch the baby, didn’t try to get in the photos and didn’t bother me once.  Sadly the luck didn’t last, Daisy napped for 40 mins and until bedtime she was super sensitive, switching between tears and laughter.  I felt so sorry for her.  She was so tired and couldn’t cope with anything.  Here she was in mid-meltdown.  One minute crying, then the next dancing to Playschool.  My wee petal.  Hope you sleep well tonight x

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