Project 365 – March 29th 2011

March 29th. I have been doing black & white a lot more recently but today whilst editing I enjoyed doing colour.  So have kept the ones from today in colour.  We were playing in the garden waiting on dinner to cook, and I was doing my best to keep them out of the muddy puddles! Daisy dressed in her choice of footwear (so smart for picking out boots) and picking flowers.  Tomboy to lady…changes every day.  Oscar once again showed me how he was growing up.  I never ever ask them to pose for photos.  I find it cheesy.  But I asked Oscar to pose.  Showed him a simple pose and he copied.  I actually don’t like it – but it will remind me of the first time he posed properly for me!!!  He will be 3 in a few months.  No longer my toddler. x

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