Project 365 – March 12th 2011

March 12th.  The weekend, yay, and it is hot and sunny.  We walked into Manly and then stopped at the beach for lunch and a swim.  We don’t normally go to the surf beaches as Oscar and Daisy love running in and out of the water.  But we will definitely be doing it more.  John took Oscar into the sea with them and they got hit by the waves.  Oscar LOVED it.  But he also loved watching the guys go in and out on the surf boat (almost as much as me). We all had a fabulous day and I feel lucky to have a happy and healthy family.  
Especially lucky after what has happened in Japan.The tsunami has shaken me to my core.  We sit here in our comfortable homes, countries, towns and city’s as we watch the world around us fall apart.  We think we have problems, yet we just have to turn on the news to realise that there is so much worse out there.  It must have been so terrifying to be there and I hope those that died didn’t have to suffer for long. x x x

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