Project 365 – March 11th 2011

March 11th.  5.30am.  Yes, 5.30am!!!  We had a wake up call from Daisy at 4.45am.  Disgusting, and she managed to wake up Oscar.  So by 5.30am we were all up.  I think the 6pm bedtimes are going to have to be changed.  Both getting older and perhaps both could go down at 7pm.  But here they both are getting the breakfast organised.  Oh how I long for the days when I will still be tucked up in bed while this all goes on and they can get up, get their brekkie and entertain themselves while John & I sleep till at least 8am (I don’t ask for much)! I think I can dream on for a few more years…but till then I guess it is fun to watch them feel like they are doing it themselves! x

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