Project 365 – June 27th – June 30th

June 27th – June 30th.  I have almost caught up and will be able to blog other things rather than just my children.  I am still so proud of myself for managing a photo every day for 7 months.  It is incredible to look back and see how fast they change.  Especially Daisy who changes in weeks at her age.  Her talking is amazing now.  Saying many words together and different words each day.  Both of them have fallen in love with Uncle Ollie (my youngest brother).  He pops round each night and Oscar’s face gets so red with excitement.  It is the sweetest thing.  
As far as then end of June went the sun continued to shine, Daisy and Oscar played in the garden, running nudie, gardening nudie and even meeting the local squirrels.  Oscar thought the squirrel’s were possums.  So funny…

A wee bit of nudie gardening…watering the plants for Nonno
Oh so beautiful Daisy…even with a huge booger!!!

All ready for bed, clean and happy!

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