Project 365 – June 19th – June 26th

June 19th – June 26th.  Well we finally arrived in the UK at 6am after what was a pretty easy flight.  John and the kids slept for over 8 hours.  I had about 4 hours…sciatica kept me awake!  But the wee one’s were really good.  Which I guess some would expect from the amount of times they have travelled at such a young age.  But with kids I guess you can never expect anything.  
We stayed for two weeks with John’s parents in Essex before we made the drive up to Scotland.  During these two weeks, we had a lot of fun with the other members of the family and Nonna & Nonno.  Oscar loved Katie his 12 year old cousin.  He asked for her first thing in the morning and never wanted to leave their house.  He even asked if we could stay there…this poor wee boy is pretty confused.  Any way, we lucked out with the weather, we all got to the beach one day, and all left with a tan.  Not to mention carrying a bit of extra weight from all the tasty meals cooked by Nonno Russo!  We also bought a car and started to feel like a life was forming again in the UK.

This is our first week back in the UK…

First day, just off the plane in Nonno’s beautiful garden. Sunday 19th

Freshly picked strawberries from the patch in the garden.  Couldn’t look happier! Monday 20th

Daisy will sit on anyone’s knee and help them eat their brekkie.  She must’ve had 4 breakfasts a day including her two servings of her own.  Tuesday 21st

We have a new car…black like I had promised to Oscar who was very excited with it!  Wednesday 22nd

Oscar is a great climber and scares me the heights he gets to.  A day trip to Maldon and he loved this pirate ship. Thursday 23rd.

If you could spend all day doing something you loved then Daisy’s choice would be getting pushed on a swing all day – great for her, boring for the pusher! Friday 24th

Daisy’s first time on a horse and she loved it.  I am hoping she will be like me and love horses.  Sadly an expensive pet to want…Saturday 25th

Check out this blue sky…and I am still in the UK.  Southend.  Great day, great sunshine and great company (I met my gorgeous 2nd cousin Marley for the first time) x

Marley aged 5. x

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