Project 365 – June 13th – June 18th Kuala Lumpur

June 13th – June 18th
It has been so long since I have blogged, edited and sorted through my photos.  I think I was kidding myself in thinking I would be able to edit etc more when travelling about (especially with kids in tow).  But I write this on the 4th July, in my Mum’s kitchen with a nice wee glass of red wine and I am trying to catch up on the weeks gone by.  
Our holiday in Kuala Lumpur was a lot of fun.  Pretty chaotic with the travelling and the heat.  But we all loved it.  I was our first proper family holiday.  Sadly Daisy was teething and 3 teeth had come through by the time we had left.  But apart from that, they loved the swimming pool, enjoyed all the food, and slept well.  All the things you need on holiday!
I won’t make comment to my photos…I will just add them below.  They start with the airport, last meal in OZ and finish with our final meal in the hotel before we board the plane for home.  I have also added a few photos from the trip… x

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