Project 365 – June 10th 2011

June 10th.  My wee dude!  We had a horrible day.  As if we haven’t had enough to deal with our boomin’ car broke down yesterday.  We leave on Monday.  It is a holiday on Monday.  We have been told it is the fuel pump.  What to do?  We had to make a decision fast.  I also had a photo shoot in the morning.  So our day was busy.  In the end we decided to take the car off the road, call the breakers and get them to come and pick it up.  This all happened in the last hour of the day.  We did it.  OK so we lost out on about a $1,500 for the banger!  But it was hassle free and there wasn’t a lot of options here to deal with it.  We came home late, Daisy crashed early and this is Oscar.  His little smile shows how unaffected he is from all the stress that we enduring.  Thank goodness they are tough little things! x

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