Project 365 – July 5th – July 14th 2011

July 4th – July 11th.  Once again I try and try to keep up but life has become so busy and trying to do everything is too much of a huge task to undertake!  So the blog has to be the last thing that I do…although to me this is a real joy in doing it.  

Any way, life is great being back home.  Loving being with the family, sisters, brother, and of course all the cousins together.  Oscar loves them to bits and we also have the added bonus of my Aunty Judy coming over to help look after my dear Grandma who is very sick.  Aunty Judy is Great Aunty Judy aka GAJ!  My Grandma is GeeGee (Great Grandma)!  Any hoo…this is the past week we have had, and can I also say how wonderful the weather has been.  x

Daisy in Mum’s Silver Cross pram (heavy, old and difficult to manoeuvre but beautiful to look at).  She loves it, but this is when we were going in the house and she thought she was going to be left behind!  Also had made a right mess in it from a wee cake from the local bakery.

July 6th, Oscar is three today.  I love this photo of him laughing.  He was being funny and the whole room was laughing with him.  He was loving it.  Made me so happy to see how well he is adjusting to his new life and how much he loves his new ‘friends”!  Happy Birthday wee man, or is it now big guy. x

July 7th, glued to the TV after dinner.  Grandma has a tv in the kitchen.  He loves the cartoons, probably Peppa Pig or Fireman Sam.  x

July 8th.  Happy Birthday Toby who turned two today.  Everyone together again and the fun and laughter was great to see. x

July 9th – Daisy the Peeping Tom.  At the park on Troon beach, spying on the big girls.  So cute x

July 10th.  Here we have Daisy and Toby playing “golf” in the garden.  Good sharing Daisy x

July 11th, scorchio!  Daisy in the paddling pool cooling off and having a wee snack.  Great day!

July 12th, I had a lovely day in Glasgow with my friend Eva shopping for props for photo shoots.  I had a great day buying all sorts of old “junk”!  Oscar and Daisy fought over the basket chair…need to find another one!!!

July 13th.  We spent the afternoon at my sister Sally’s house.  She is about to drop her FIFTH baby in a week or two.  Her house is enormous and the amount of toys is a dream for Oscar and Daisy!  We spent the afternoon in the garden and then as we were getting ready to leave I found Oscar sitting very comfortably in front of the TV.  I love this one of him x

July 14th.  After bath Oscar and Daisy have a dance to dry off and a wee play.  They get completely wound up and over excited.  But it is fun to watch.  Here we have Oscar in the riding hat after he had run about going crazy on his “horse” which was a plastic golf club…naked!  Beautiful of him here though x

And there we have it.  I am almost up to date.  Another week ahead.  We have a home to move into next week.  So life will soon become normal again x

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