Project 365 – July 30th – August 6th 2011

Project 365 – I still can’t keep up.  Though I have managed to get a photo every day.  I can’t blog every day.  But here we are a week in the life of Oscar and Craisy (oops, Daisy) x

 Bath time is especially fun when you splash water in your sister’s face (repeatedly) and she still finds it funny, and Daisy with her daisy at Dean Castle, Sunday afternoon.

 A visit to the hospital to see wee Freddie and Aunty Sally, the most exciting bit was the big chopper outside, which we waited for about 15 mins for it to take off, but all very disappointed when they had to shut down and leave…gutted.  Even I wanted to see it leave!

 Daisy’s favourite book and characters.  In The Night Garden.  Her favourite books to read too x

 Wednesday 3rd Aug. Not only do they like In The Night Garden (well Oscar doesn’t so much any more) but Peppa Pig is a huge favourite and they are glued to it when I put it on…peace and quiet.

 Thursday afternoon was spent at Aunty Sally’s they all love Sally and her girls and now baby boy.  Plus they get ice-cream!  Friday morning with a cup of tea (decaf).

Saturday 6th August.  My wee giraffe.  I love these outfits, the other is a lion.  Too, too cute! x

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