Project 365 – July 1st – July 4th

July 1st – July 3rd.  The first of July and we got in the car and drove up to Scotland spending one night in Warrington (beautiful) and then heading up the nest day.  Kids were great and the weather was wonderful for our arrival into the Motherland.  Nothing better than driving over the border to Scotland (cheering as we went) with the sun shining and not a cloud to be seen.  I was happy to come home!  We spent the Saturday which we arrived with family, then went to Dean Castle for a wander with my best friend and the wee ones.  There were some owls there that were allowed to be touched (poor things when Daisy got close)…but it was a great weekend to start our new life back in Scotland, although ask Oscar where he is and he will tell you Melbourne!!!

The Russo brother’s and cousin’s bid a fond farewell before we head to Scotland.

This is a photo of shame.  Daisy put her fingers into his mouth and he bit down hard.  I got very cross and he was very upset.  The shame for hurting Daisy…

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