Project 365 – July 15th- July 28th 2011

I am blogging in absolute heaven tonight.  I am using my new iMac and it is the bee’s knees!  If photography has become my biggest love of my life (aside from my wonderful family) then this comes a close second!  The speakers are incredible, the screen (27″ – yup it’s a biggie) is to die for and well if you are a Mac lover then I need say no more…

Any way, back to blogging my children.  We have finally settled down to a near normal routine.  We moved into a great 4 bedroom house in Kilmarnock about a week ago and have managed to fill it with bits and pieces.  It is starting to feel like home again.  Oscar and Daisy have been pretty happy – though Oscar does upset me at times when he says he doesn’t want to go home, but back to our old house.  I can feel the tears well up when he does…what do I say/do with that?  But generally he is loving being here, loving his Grandma, his cousins and Aunties & Uncles.  John starts his new job on Monday and I must admit that makes me feel blue.  It means life starts to have normality though I am without my friends and their children who I have known and spoken to on a daily basis for over three years.  I have to keep busy so as not to feel lonely.  All will be fine, here is the past two weeks… x

These are all of Oscar, the one with the kite is extremely funny.  Seconds after this shot was taken the wind whipped the kite out of the poor wee guy’s hands and was blown half way down the beach and into someone’s garden.  His reaction was too funny – his face went scarlet and he was mad.  Bless him…we never did get it back! 

 Daisy and Matilda at the window, my new macro lens bought for my newborn shots, and Oscar playing with his new puppy…from Ikea which he has named Sabita!!! (?)

 Oscar “drying” Daddy’s chest hair with a toy hair dryer he borrowed from his cousins, Daisy the crazy nudist, who is nearly always naked unless we are at the shops!  Daisy’s first night in her big bed.  Never a problem, never got out…sleeps a perfect 12 hours a night.  Well done Daisy! x

 Daisy and her fuzzy bed-head and Oscar loving his trampoline and the paddling pool combo!

Daisy also loving the trampoline and having fun sliding down the stairs.  Now I have to admit…I am beating myself up about it too…I missed two photos this month first time in 7 months!  The 22nd we moved house and I just missed the moment to get the camera out.  The second is just bad of me.  I photographed my new nephew Freddie then left in the afternoon and wasn’t back till after bed time.  I am very annoyed, I had my camera on me!  So instead here is Freddie, 3 days old this time, to compensate! He’s so gorgeous x

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