Project 365 – February 25th 2011

25th February.  Friday…at last!  It has been a long hard week.  But it is now finally the weekend and John is off.  John had a course in the morning and then took the afternoon off.  So we went to Manly for dinner to a wee festival being held for a few weeks.  Some stalls with tasty food and live music.  We don’t often do this kinda thing as I am a bit of a stickler to the bedtime being 6pm.  But we took a risk and kept them up a little later.  This is Daisy, in the garden at home.  The neighbours son was playing on his trampoline and Daisy & Oscar joined in and loved it.  But Daisy didn’t last long and this just shows just how tired she was (and it was only 7pm!!!).  She is pale and glazed.  Bath time was hell because of this!  Never again…x

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