Project 365 – December 6th – December 12th

Aaaargh…all day I have thought it was Thursday.  I feel so stupid now.  I was looking forward to it being Friday tomorrow and then the weekend when it is family time.  How gutted was I when I was getting dinner and hubby and I were chatting when he mentioned something about tomorrow!  Sooo, it’s kinda good in a way as I have an extra day in my week.  But all I am longing for is next weekend when I can be really festive and enjoy Christmas the way it should be.  I have had such crazy weeks, I am snowed under at points that I feel like I am sinking all the time.  I never ever thought it would be so hard to work from home and look after two toddlers.  But it really is.  I am up down like a yoyo all day.  Not to mention we are moving to Glasgow next month, which I am so excited about.  But not sure any of are ready for the stress of it.  Will be needing an extra bottle of hair dye come February.  I also am not too sure if Oscar has picked up on the stress.  I am sure most of you will probably think he has.  He is tearful, emotional, cheeky (very and I am sure I don’t help matters by trying not to laugh when he is) and he is also embarrassingly goofy.  But surely by now my children must be used to all this upheaval.  Ha ha…poor wee things.  
Any way, here is a slack effort from my past week.  Daisy had a try of her tap shoes which I have bought her for Christmas.  I was too excited that I thought I would give her a sneak preview of what was to come from Santa…she has forgotten about them already.  Maybe not such a hit after all! 
My Mum also has made a guest appearance…hope you don’t mind Big G x x x

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