Project 365 – August 7th – August 16th

Another week has flown by and we finally got all our stuff (and what a lot of “stuff” it was) delivered safely from Oz.  I find the whole thing quite emotional.  What we have done, moving back “coming home” is very real now.  There is nothing left behind.  Just memories and some wonderful friends who over the past few days I miss terribly.  The weather doesn’t help either!  But I knew all this would happen and I know it will take a lot of time to settle.  There will be good days and there will be bad.  There was a sad moment when I put my favourite picture of Oscar on the wall.  Oscar looked at it carefully then turned to me and told me he wanted to be back there.  What do I say to that,  “me too”…I don’t think so!  
But on a cheerful note not only did we get all our stuff but my brother also bought a stunning Siberian Husky.  Oscar has also now told me that he also wants one, not a fake one, but a real one like Uncle Ollie.  One day…x

Monday 8th – ahhhh reunited with Doggy.  We talked a lot about Doggy.  Oscar watched as I packed him in the boxes and we waved him good-bye on the truck as it was taken off to set sail across the world to Scotland.  I think it helped Oscar understand what we were doing.  He was so happy to be back with Doggy! Bless x

Tues 9th – excuse me Daisy…but you are not allowed to sit at my desk!  Pretending she hasn’t noticed me!

Wednesday 10th – oh the fun you can have with a cardboard box.  Unless you are Daisy.  You want in, you want out.  You want to have the lid closed, now you don’t.  It really was too much fun for Oscar to tease her with the lid!  She kept jumping up going mental…but it was like a real live Jack-In-The-Box…I sat and photographed the whole scene!  If it hadn’t been for Peppa Pig on tv then she might have never come out.
 Thursday 11th – photo shoot with the cousins and Daisy came in to look after Freddie.
Friday 12th skipping. Though to Daisy that involves flapping the ropes and jumping.  But who’s going to tell her that she isn’t doing it right!

Saturday 13th – meet Koby the newest addition to the family.  Daisy was a bit scared after he went after her hair.  He is only 10 weeks old and about the same size as Daisy!

Sunday 14th – Eglinton Park.  Was a lovely afternoon out.  Coffee and cake followed by a lot of fun.  Oscar didn’t know what to play on first. He loved it!

Monday 15th – Great Aunty Sheila.  I haven’t seen Sheila in 5 years, but she was still as hilarious as ever.  I love her…we have such a laugh.  Oscar and Daisy loved her too.  We are having a lot of family visiting from across the globe.  Next is Aunty Pat from Adelaide.  Our Grandma, Mum’s Mum, GeGe is very sick.  She is 92 but her heart is failing and it is really sad to watch.  But I am sure by having all the family visits it is keeping her happy.  Hurry back Sheila so we can have some more giggles...x

Tuesday 16th – school day for the kiddies.  I snapped them on the steps as they were leaving.  But as I ran in out of the rain I snapped Oscar.  Turned out to be a cracker!  His eyes blow me away…imagine what they will do to the girls when he gets older.  Oh to have eyes that make you melt!  Oscar you have no idea…I love you so so much x

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