Project 365 – August 22nd – August 27th

Well lets just say we are in August, which is classed as summer, yet in true Scottish fashion we are experiencing Autumn, verging on Winter weather this week.  Crazy thunder storms, plenty of rain, the odd bit of sun and of course topped off with a wee bit more rain.  We have had a good week though.  Lots of fun and I have managed to get a hold of the tantrums that my wee Craisy has been having.  They have been reduced from 15 a day to maybe one or two.  I am walking on eggshells, kissing her ass to ensure nothing goes wrong in her day to have happy and calm household.  The TV is barely on, they play more, eat more and I think we are all happier.  Of course from all this sucking up to Craisy I have become her anchor.  We have really bonded and when she gets upset only I am the one who can soothe.  Nice for a wee change just now, but hope it doesn’t last.  But here we are any way…the week past.  

As I write I am hoping to have news any moment of Eva & Craig’s baby which is on it’s way.  I am so excited and of course in true Linzie style a wee bit emotional over it!  Go Eva – I am thinking of you x

 Monday 22nd – plastic bags and cards keep them happy…simple things 

Tuesday 23rd – Daisy is not happy and hated her photo being taken, Wednesday 24th -nothing better than a cuppa of bath tea and Thursday 25th – Daisy loves Eva as we went for a walk and watched the ducks at Dean Castle

Friday 26th – Oscar found my Aussie flag in my office and started dancing and twirling around with it.  He has since lost it, if anyone from Oz wants to send me another one over!

Saturday 26th – Dean Castle in the pouring rain.  Wellies and water, kids loved it and even I (who HATES the cold) loved it too.  Just as well as there will be plenty more to come…just hope Oscar won’t mind getting his hands wet again as that caused a real melt down!!!  Man up wee guy. x

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