Project 365 – August 17th – August 20th

This has been a tough week with Daisy.  She is almost 22 months and is going through a really tough phase.  She has about 5 – 10 tantrums a day.  She has always been strong-willed and feisty (she was crawling at 5 months)!  Some tantrums are over frustration, some over anger, and some, well, I have no idea what causes them.  I guess that is the most frustrating thing about being a toddler.  The world is there to be explored and yet sometimes there is a big bad lady (me) who gets in the way and makes it safe and probably more frustrating.  Daisy talks a lot, I can pretty much understand everything that she wants, but of course there are times that I don’t.  Sure thing a tantrum will be the result.  Then there are times when Daisy wants to do certain things.  I won’t let her.  Another tantrum.  She will also want to watch Peppa Pig or Toy Story, another tantrum if not allowed.  She doesn’t like brushing her teeth.  Another one (every night)!  I must keep reminding myself to look back and see that things are easing.  I can change her nappy, that is unless she has taken it off and gone to the bathroom herself, without a fight.  I can also dress her with minimal fuss.  She also loves Oscar to bits, but knows exactly what buttons to press to annoy him.  So fights are getting more ferocious.  I know I am not alone going through this stage.  But what I do really miss are my Australian friends.  It makes me really sad and really lonely not to have them about to go visit or go to the park to vent, makes you feel less isolated, knowing your friends are going through the same things.  Perhaps not on the same level.  But always with a different horror story.  But then of course there are moments in the day, when Daisy is adorable.  She is when not having a fit, always happy.  Always.  She wakes up cheery and comes in with a beaming smile in her high voice “morning Mummy – you ok?”…unlike Oscar who is pretty much tantrum free who wakes up grumpy.  Always has done and this morning cried out from his bed “Dadddeeee I am awake now…Daddddeeeeeee”.  Ask him for a cuddle, no chance, not till he has been up for about 30 mins.  They are so different.  So frustrating.  So challenging.  But there are many moments in the day that make it all worth while.  Here are some moments from this week.
Wednesday 17th we all got together to have a photo of the children with my Grandma, GeGe.  I haven’t gone through them all yet, but this is one of the better ones!  Too funny trying to get them all to look at me and be happy and not squint in the sun!
Thursday 18th – Vegemite toast.  A wee snack before bed.  A crazy look in her eyes here…

 Friday 19th – In a trance watching Toy Story 3 the new favourite movie 

Saturday 20th – August and yes, wearing tights.  

 Sunday 21st – We went for a walk round by our house and took Oscar and Daisy to see the cows.  To my delight there was even a Highland Cow (I love them).  They were pretty timid.  Probably wasn’t helped with Daisy’s constant whinging and crying.  But it seemed to have been a good idea as they both had fun running about in the long grass (Oscar looking for a baby dinosaur).  Even though it is August, and Daisy is wearing tights, I am still enjoying being home.  Just life is very different to what we are used to.  But I have no regrets…yet! x

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