Project 365 – Aug 28th – September 4th

Well I must admit this has been the hardest week being back.  I think the reality has hit home.  Don’t get me wrong, it is great to be near family.  But I am struggling with the adjustment.  I never thought I would find it this hard.  I thought it would probably kick in around January!!!  Possibly November.  But end August?  Ouch.  So here I am having had a pretty good weekend, and wondering what the week ahead has in store for me.  There is certainly no more chai lattes at the park with my girlfriends, walks along the beach, or even now the weather is picking up, going to the beach or pool.  Instead I am left to calling my friends in OZ after sending sad emails and lots of crying.  I thought I was tougher than this…what has happened.  Did OZ make me soft?  So this week I have promised myself to buck up.  Get out there, stop being depressed and make a go of it here.  It will be an even longer winter if I am feeling sorry for myself!  If it rains, it rains,  put on a jacket, wear wellies and get wet!  I can get dry when we get home.  If I am lonely then pick up the phone, call my Aussie mates, visit some family or join a toddler group.  I am not alone and thousands of people do what I am doing.  It took me a year to meet some of the best friends I will ever have in Sydney and over the 4 years to have made some great friendships that just being on the other side of the world won’t change.  Oscar talks about everyone back “home” a lot.  So I need to make more friends for him.  I don’t want him to feel lonely too.

Sunday 28th Aunty Sally and family came for lunch.  Oscar adores her.  
Monday 29th we went to Dean Castle with Eva (who was in labour), I figured getting Eva to keep walking would help.  She was having contractions every 6 minutes…10 hours later she had baby Lila.  
Tuesday 30th Daisy had shut herself in my office when I told her off for scribbling all over my diary.  

 Wednesday 31st – this is Daisy’s naughty step.  She wasn’t put on it here, instead her teddy (Eileen in her arms) was put there for being bad!

 Thursday 1st September – my crazy boy…such a pleasure to have around he is such good company.  I think 3 might be the golden age!

Friday 2nd – Daisy loves her toast, especially with peanut butter.  
Saturday 3rd – a walk through the park to see the horses and without being asked Oscar give Daisy the biggest hug.  So gorgeous the effort he is putting in to squeeze her.

 Sunday 4th – a day at Troon down.  We went to the rocks and had fun playing in the rock pools looking at all the creatures, throwing rocks in the pools and then finishing off with chips for lunch.  Awesome day – clear blue sky.  I even let Oscar use my Holga.  Will see what the results are in a few weeks time!!! 

So this week I will cheer up, and be thankful for what I do have.  Two crazy, fun, gorgeous and healthy kids.  My health and my photography.  Without my photography I have no idea what I would be doing with my spare time…crying probably!!! x

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