Project 365 – April 6th 2011

April 6th.  Wednesday.  My day where I normally catch up with my great friend Tracey and her three littlies.  Oscar has now been telling me a lot that Millie and Ella are his best friends.  He is in love with Millie.  I can imagine in many years to come when Millie is all mature and Oscar (a year younger) will still be shorter and much more immature than her, and I will tell him how they ran about nudie on the beach and cuddled up together on the couch watching Playschool.  Here they are both looking very tired and zoned out watching tv.  But I especially love how their feet are touching!  
Ella and Daisy ran about with their dolly’s and wee baby Ollie just lay there quiet and content.  It is always fun with the Mardons.  The children play well and we get the best bit – chat! x

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