Project 365 – April 2nd 2011

April 2nd.  Saturday and I was working.  Love it.  Day of peace and quiet, well compared to what I am used to.  We then went out straight after work for some shopping and came home with 2 very tired wee ones.  Daisy is washing her hair, while Oscar screamed and got annoyed with reasons we couldn’t understand.  Then Daisy pulled out the plug!  You can imagine the drama when Oscar realised there was no bath water.  Oh the joys of parenting.  The funniest thing to date that Oscar said to me today, was when I darted from the bathroom after my shower.  He shouted at me “put some clothes on Mummy, I don’t want to see your bottom”!!!  Brilliant.  I can’t wait for Daisy to speak, kids are too funny. x

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