Project 365 – April 21st 2011

April 21st.  I seemed to think that if I didn’t have my camera then I would fail with my photo a day for a year project.  But thanks to this thing called a phone – I realised they also have camera’s.  Even fancy wee applications that can jazz up your pictures.  So I guess I am kind of cheating…but I recorded a moment for that day.  We all finished school & work for the Easter break.  5 days off!  Daisy and Oscar had their faces painted…think they are rabbits! So we headed out for dinner.  I am always proud of my children and their good behaviour in restaurants.  Ate all their food, no whining, tantrums or tears.  Of course we can’t stay and chat over coffee.  But we eat, have fun and leave.  Mission accomplished. x

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