Project 365 – April 20th 2011

April 20th.  I have to say.  We are having a rough time of late.  When things go wrong they certainly all go wrong and this has been the case with us.  Today was another rubbish day.  But I am trying to remain positive and think our luck has got to change soon!!!  There is always a bright side to everything.  When things are rubbish I like to look around and be thankful for what we have and not dwell on what we don’t.  I am also a firm believer if you want something badly enough you can have it.  It has worked for almost everything I have wanted in life! But today for example, was particularly rubbish, but I just had to take one look at my children and feel happy.  
This is Daisy, drinking her milk (which now goes in the bath with her – anything for an easy bath time) and watching a wee bit of tv while I get things ready for bed.  She is so relaxed and calm. Reminds me to feel the same way. x

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