Project 365 – April 11th 2011

April 11th. Monday and a couple of us Mum’s aren’t at work.  This is my last Monday not working, next week I will be doing a few more days.  So for a bit of a laugh I took my props and did a wee fun shoot with my friend’s Steph and Tracey and their kids.  It was a bit cold in the shade, but we stripped them all, dressed them up and made them smile.  It was a giggle.  The sad thing is I am so busy right now that I will have to do a photo a day of the shoot as I have found about 40 of them which I love.  But for today I have done a couple.  I am annoyed at myself for not exposing them correctly.  The backgrounds are way overexposed.  But I live and learn!  Here we have Daisy with my photo a day and a group shot!  Plenty more to come, when I find the time. x

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