Newborn Unscripted || The Workshop

So for a while now I get asked if I am going to be doing another newborn workshop.  I haven’t yet held them in Sydney but have held them in Scotland. Although it has been a few years now that I have done it.  After being asked again if I would be doing it this year I decided maybe I could fit it into my trip.   I put a mention on Facebook if anyone would be interested and within 24 hours I was shocked that it had sold out.  People asked again if I could hold a second day.  Not sure if I would be able to sell it out, again I put it out there on Facebook.  It sold out!  I am thrilled.

In this workshop I will show you how I hold a session,  with a newborn and parents.  How I settle, pose although I am not the biggest poser (with babies that is, some might say I different about myself), how I shoot, what lenses I use and my camera settings.  I will show how I use the props, and create images that are able to be turned into art.  After the session, and some well deserved lunch I will show how I process from culling, to editing.  I will also discuss how I use social media and tips and tricks in getting your images seen.

If time allows we can head out for dinner and we can just hang out.  I am excited to meet lots of new people.  I would love to hold one in Sydney – if you are interested then please drop me a line!

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