Moving to the Sunshine Coast


Here we go again, as a family we are back on the move and I am pretty excited about this one.  My children are no stranger to packing up and moving.  Luckily they are confident, strong and independent little people that they embrace all ideas and adventures that their crazy parents come up with.

We visited the Sunshine Coast at Christmas to see if we would like it.  Of course we did, there is so much to love and we came home wondering how we could possibly be able to move there.  Not prepared to move without work we thought we would revisit the idea in a year and see where we were.  However 8 weeks later John’s HR department asked him if he would consider a transfer to Caloundra. The answer was easy and it seemed like fate.

Within 7 weeks we were in the car and heading up to Queensland.  As we spent the weeks packing our things it became very apparent to us about what was important in life.  The books on the shelves, the terrible plastic toys that had hardly been touched, the barely worn clothes & shoes, the countless gadgets and rarely used kitchen appliances, all of which were intended to bring more to our life, now seemed so insignificant.  Half of these were put into boxes and the rest went to charity or sold.  We knew we had to reset and go back to having less and living more.  What we had realised was that life to us was about doing things not having things.  Some how in Sydney we seemed to have got caught up in obtaining more things and wanting more and more.  Life in Sydney had become a rat race. The life we never planned and certainly not the life came here for.   Traffic, house prices, parking and not to mention how rude the drivers were has really gotten to us.  So this slower pace, quieter lifestyle has come at the prefect time for us to move.

So here we are.  Just over 3 weeks in the Sunshine Coast and 2 weeks in our new home.  The children have started their new school and loving it.  It is next to the beach, has surf lessons, and lots of sports to keep them busy.  We have all got new bikes and making the most of the flat land and exploring it together, we even cycle to school now which is a lot of fun.  John is enjoying his job, he is around in the morning to see the kids before he leaves and home in time for dinner.  Something we never had much of in Sydney.  I am really happy having him around more.

For me I  am dreading the whole new start with my business as I feel I only did this 2 years ago.  But it is exciting having a fresh start.  I have no idea what this year will be like.  I have work keeping me busy back in Sydney till the end of 2018.  I have no studio, no big plans and for the first time in years I am enjoying a bit of a rest.  But over the next few weeks I am going to get myself out there…no idea how yet.

Any way, it is early days but we love it here.  Close to Noosa, not far from Byron Bay, Brisbane for our city fix is an hour away and we have the best beaches and mountains around us.  It is a win win.  This shows some images from the past few weeks of our move.  Not many but enough and some are from Kingscliff another stunning place to visit just at the top of NSW! I would also add that Daisy does have other clothes as does Oscar but they seem to like wearing the same things and I happen to have my camera when said outfits are being worn haha!



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