January 2012

A new project for me.  I will do photos of the month gone by and an update for my Aussie friends who I miss so much.  It has been a very busy month.  Moving up to Glasgow.  Loving our new place.  I even have a wee studio set up – which is where all my recent shots have come from.  O & D started a new daycare and totally love it.  Oscar is even disappointed when it is not his day to go…result!  Daisy has been really good with the move.  They share a bedroom, I even got very small bunks and so far so good.  No carry on jumping off them and no carry on at bedtime.  Lights out and asleep in 5 minutes!  I am loving it.  I am no longer feeling as depressed about leaving Australia and very happy in Glasgow.  Only been here three weeks.  But it has felt like home instantly and we are a very happy wee unit!!!  

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