Freddie’s Home Birth

Well this has been a wonderful thing to have experienced.  Now don’t get carried away and think for one second that I was there for my sister’s birth of her son…I would have loved it, but I am sure Sally wouldn’t have felt the same.  However, the best thing that came close was to get there as soon as he had arrived.  Midwives still there doing the times sheets, checking on Freddie and family all around Sally.  Sally is amazing.  She is my youngest (sigh) sister.  Truly gorgeous and extremely funny.  You have to have a sense of humour to have and want 5 kids (though she wants 6 – ha ha ha yes, 6!!!).  But she is blessed.  Not only have I witnessed them all behaving and with the loveliest manners, but they are all so different and gorgeous.  I love them all and now after 4 girls, Sally has a wee laddie!  Poor, poor wee guy, 4 sister’s to be hen-pecked by.  Freddie Clarke, welcome to the world.  I am so glad I have returned from OZ to be here for this.  I am missing out on many friends back home in Sydney having their babies.  But this makes up for it.  Editing the photos made me very emotional tonight.  I would love to have had a big family, and looking at the photos makes it seem even more special.  But I am just thankful that I have al my nieces and nephews around me now to make it big!  A birth is a mind blowing experience and it is not until you have a child can you truly appreciate the unbelievable surge of love and overwhelming sense of protection you suddenly have.  x

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