So you want to know how to get those images that you see everywhere of these beautiful babies, but you just can’t quite nail it?  I get it.  Though we always look at our work with the most critical eyes.  I am the worst for thinking it isn’t good enough.  But when you give yourself some distance between a shoot or a wedding and look back you realise that you did do a good job.  That your work is good enough and that you are proud of it.

But sometimes you know you are almost there but feel there are a few things missing.  This is where I can help you.  I can help you get moving in the right direction. I want you to get the most from your day with me.  We can work on any areas you need help with like creating the right environment, safety with newborns, using the camera properly, how to pose these little humans and parents.  Not to mention help with editing, marketing and pricing. The session starts at 9.30am, finishing at 4.30pm on a weekday (Monday, Tuesday or Friday) . We can work with one baby for a few hours then the rest of the time is left to work on anything else you want to know.  The cost for the whole day is $950 including lunch and as much tea and coffee as you need!

It will be so much fun and I will make sure you walk away happy with your new skills and ready to move forward with your business.

I look forward to hearing from you.