First Time At The Movies

As my children get older there aren’t as many first’s as there are in the first year.  This year Oscar has learnt to ride a bike…but that has been about it in 2012.  But today I had one again.  We took them to the movies.  It was amazing.  We saw Brave, which is incredibly funny and ticks all the right boxes for the little ones and the adults too.  They loved it.  So much that when it ended they asked to see it again and were gutted to leave.  I am glad I ran back for my camera.  I have been so busy of late and for me photos are precious memories that maybe one day will become hazy in my memory – but the photo will be there to remind me of the time.  I loved their wee faces and can’t wait to take them again.  Thank you Oscar & Daisy for being so good.  It was a real treat for me.  I love you guys xxx

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