Family Information

I am totally in love with the family sessions I am currently doing.  I only do them when the light is low in the day (golden hour) and guide you in what to wear for everyone.  I try to use the same beach each time as I know where the sunsets, where the best places are to shoot and of course how to deliver consistently great photos for every client.  But of course if you have a favourite place then I will try my best to get there.

I only work when the weather is dry and the sky isn’t covered in grey clouds.  This ensures that you get the best of my work and the colours and light is what I want to play with when we photograph you all on the beach.  Due to this I often pencil dates in as we all know it can be unpredictable and if you have young children then it isn’t much fun if it isn’t warm!

What do we wear???  This is a good one to ask as I am quite particular about the colours.  I prefer to choose colours that will complement the environment.  So I suggest whites, creams, blues, pinks, mainly pastels, khaki and denims work well for the boys.  I dislike logos, dark colours, really hate green and red hahaha…but when you put them into a black and white image it is such a flat grey!  I  have some lovely chiffon skirts that I don’t mind getting wet that I can bring along to make the sessions even more beautiful.

There is also a very good chance you will get wet, you will play in the water, let the waves crash around you, laugh lots as I promise you it will be so much fun!

If you are looking for something like this then please get in touch.  I charge $500 for a one hour session and with that you get 20+ digital images to download and print as often as you like.  You can also find a full price list here.