Daisy turns two

I wanted to go through the 2 years of photos with Daisy and blog a photo from every month.  Sadly I can’t find any and have yet to go to the Mac shop and see if they can recover the files from my harddrive.  Not sure what happened, but when I backed up they have become all garbled on the hardrive and my Mac doesn’t like them.  Very sad, but I am still positive that they can be recovered!

I must say from the day my waters broke with Daisy it was drama all the way! I was hoping to have a natural birth, Oscar was breach and had to be delivered by c-section.  So I had hoped to be successful with Daisy.  Unfortunately the hospital made a minor stuff up and induced.  We waited four hours as nothing happened while I sat with a very high level of oxytocin being put into me.  After four hours another doctor came in to see me.  He was unhappy with the decision to to induce me and unhappy with the level of oxytocin.  He suggested I go for a c-section now.  But I was wanting to at least see what a labour would feel like.  30 minutes later it was like a freight train.  I got contractions with no break.  No drugs were given and it was hell!  By 7.30pm my pain had switched to a very different pain across the scar from my previous section.  Nurses and doctors came in and there was bright red blood every where.  I was scared.  I was told I had only dilated 2cm and was rushed off for an emergency c-section.  By 10pm that night wee Daisy came into the world, 6lbs 10oz.  Masses of dark hair and a very scrunched up face!  The doctor told me she was minutes from drowning in my blood.  My uterus had ruptured and I had been in danger of losing my uterus or worse…I could have died!  BUT we didn’t and at that point that was the main thing for me.  I had damage to my bladder and was in hospital for 5 days.  I guess it was traumatic.  Looking back I was pretty calm about it all.  But got the baby blues badly and even have suffered post-natal depression.  
But two years on and what a roller coaster.  We have moved back to Scotland and settling down now.  Very different to the life we were leading in Sydney.  But we have to remain positive and the main thing is that Oscar and Daisy seem to loving being here.  They love their cousins and Aunty Sally and of course Grandma!  Oscar hasn’t forgotten his Nonna & Nonno, we bought them dressing gowns and Oscar said that he and Daisy looked like Nonna & Nonno.  Too funny!

But to my Craisy Daisy, from the traumatic birth, to you being the best baby until you crawled at 5 months, to being a maniac  being spoon fed at 6 months and would only eat if you could do it, to being so fiercely independent and still are.  I love you with all my might.  You make me so happy, your cute wee voice and your cheeriness brightens up the darkest of days and although sometimes you make me feel like pulling my hair out in despair, when I take a step back and see what a beautiful wee girl you are turning into you make me proud and I never ever want to let you go!  I love you x x x

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