Camp Life – Jervis Bay

We all have that one friend that is just good at organising.  Luckily she is one of my best friends!  “Let’s go camping” she says in a group Facebook message.  “I have looked into it.  We can get these sites, we can do it this weekend, we can all go together.  Who’s in?” she asks.  Before we know it most of us have organised days off work, booked it all and we are ready to go.  I will be honest, we aren’t a group that hangs out on a regular basis.  In fact I barely know half of them having only been living back in Sydney 2 years.  But two of the families I have known since for 7/8 years, and we know each other well.  So this is an opportunity to reconnect with old friends and make new friends.  Our children are all about the same age varying from toddlers (a few babies are on the way) up to 9 years.  But the best thing is we all just get on, especially the children.  No quarrelling, no trouble makers, just laughter and carry on.  I personally love it, and I am pretty sure I am not the only one!

I love living in Australia and going camping is a relatively new experience for my family.  But this being our second time we are sure we will just keep on doing it.  More so if we can do it with these guys.  Photographing my life, my holidays and telling the story of life here in Australia for my family back home means a lot to me.  I want people to see why we chose to live here over Scotland or even the UK.  I want our families to understand that life is pretty fantastic and this is why we came back after 3 years of moving back to Glasgow.  There are a lot of photos in this post.  But it tells the story of 5 days camping with a bunch of friends.  Luckily the camera didn’t come out after dark, when the little ones were in bed, because that tells a whole different story…those memories are best without a camera ;-)!

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