8 weeks in Sydney

It feels like we never left Australia having returned to Scotland for a 3 year stint.  We loved every minute of being home, but this place is really where I feel most settled.  It is where my heart smiles and my mind is calm.  Where we smell the fresh, warm, sea air, the jasmine in the evenings and collect frangipani’s from the trees.  8 weeks isn’t a long time, but we have crammed in a lot.  The holidays are over for John who, like many, return to work in the morning.  For me I am looking forward to our boxes arriving with all our belongings which we haven’t seen for over 4 months and all my props.  I also look forward to establishing a routine and of course the biggest thing for me is to get back into work.  The break has been awesome.  But I am hungry to get creative, to play with my camera and new people in Australia.  This year I have big plans and they start tomorrow.

This wee post gives you an idea of why we returned – yet I have another post coming soon of the beautiful country we left behind.  But for now here is Sydney – my home xxx

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